Brill at IDDBA 2019

Let's Be Brilliant Together!

We'll be waiting for you at Booth 2116. Stop by to sample many of our exciting new products. Roll up your sleeves at our interactive station where you can work with DecoPro® to see just how quickly you can decorate and Chantella, our new innovate topping!

Looking for a little spice, we’ve added to our muffin portfolio with trendy savory flavors. Be sure to check out our new Jalapeno Cheddar and Tomato Basil muffins.

As always, our signature cake case is sure to be a showstopper. There, we will demonstrate the latest decorating trends, courtesy of the amazing talent and expertise of our Technical Sales and Service Representatives. We choose designs that are not only awe-inspiring but also convertible to executable formats for retailers.

We’ll also be featuring some of new and best products in our portfolio. See below for more information.


Chantella is our innovative topping that is stored ambient and holds up, even at higher temperatures. Allowing you to decorate freshly baked goods or display your desserts without worry. No matter how you use it, Chantella performs perfectly. Visit our Chantella feature page to learn more.                 


With DecoPro®, decorating is as easy as Ready, Set, Create! DecoPro® ready-to-use decorating bags are pre-filled with consumer-preferred Brill buttercrèmes, in a convenient, resealable format, driving labor efficiency and portion control for your business. Visit our DecoPro® feature page to learn more.  


Simplicious offers a full line of simple and delicious bakery products that have incredible flavor and easy-to-read ingredients that consumers can trust.

Core Portfolio

Using quality ingredients and superior formulations, our core line of bakery products is built to delight consumers and inspire bakers to be brilliant.

Licensed Brands

Our line of fully-branded cakes, cookies, muffins and more attract consumers by merging consumers’ favorite brands with the new and exciting space in the fresh bakery case.

Seasonal Portfolio

Seasons give you the opportunity to increase the variety in your offering and as a result, increase consumer interest. Brill offers unique portfolios including the top performing flavors and icing colors for each season.

Be Brilliant with Stacked Drip Cakes

Be Brilliant with Watercolor Cakes

Be Brilliant with Donut Cakes

Be Brilliant with Ombré Meringue Peak Cakes

Be Brilliant with Predeposited Muffins

Be Brilliant with The New Floral

Brill Customer Care

You can reach our Customer Care team via email,, or by phone, (404) 478 5400.



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