Brill Innovation at the NRA Show

Catch up with the Brill team to find out about sweet innovations like 3D printing.

In a world where a musician can appear before our eyes as a hologram, where food can be delivered by tweeting an emoji and where movies can be experienced via virtual reality, it's starting to feel like anything is possible. So when Brill and 3D Systems came together with the idea of printing edible, three dimensional designs, it's no surprise that it too became a reality.

In August 2017, Brill entered into an agreement with 3D Systems to collaborate in the development, sale and distribution of 3D printers, products and materials for the food industry.

"At the moment anything is possible," says Sebastian Siethoff, SVP and Chief Business Development Officer. "We are coming up with blue sky ideas and looking for the right partners to make those ideas a reality."

With the first-ever 3D food printer, we can work with our customers to create imaginative and intricate food shapes to provide consumers with extraordinary eating experiences.

If you are an industry leader looking to bring customers a first-of-its-kind food experience, we'd love to hear from you. We'll be at the NRA Show in Chicago, IL, from May 20 – May 22. Contact us at to schedule a meet and greet.