Welcome to Berry Harvest

Incorporate sweet and tart berry flavors into your spring bakery offerings with Berry Harvest

Consumers are always on the hunt for something new; in fact, 32% of consumers say are more interested in trying new flavors now than ever before. What better way for bakers to entice customers with refreshed display cases than introducing seasonal items! After all, 63% of consumers say their dessert preferences tend to change depending on the season or time of year, according to Technomic’s 2019 Dessert Consumer Trend Report.


With these results, it is no wonder that about two-thirds of supermarket bakery operators say they plan to offer seasonal options in their bakeries. The periodic availability of these items adds to their allure; typically, they are only available for a limited time, which offers an aura of exclusivity and adds to a sense of urgency to purchase. However, bakery operators also reported that they plan to take full advantage of this trend by continuing offer seasonally flavored desserts throughout the year. 


So where to start? Brill has everything you will need to create a stellar seasonal program to capitalize on seasonal trends.


Welcome to Berry Harvest

With spring’s arrival comes our fresh and fruity seasonal program—Berry Harvest!


Berry flavors are well established and growing in bakery segment. In fact, 41% of consumers find fruity flavors appealing and berry-flavored sweet bakery items are up 2.7% in dollars vs. prior year. Which berry flavors do consumers reach for? Blueberry ranked as the most popular flavor with strawberry coming in a close second, and both of these flavors feature prominently in our Berry Harvest program.


Our Berry Harvest program features a variety of products made with blueberries, strawberries and more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect batter or PDM to serve fresh baked muffins or breads, a consumer-preferred Strawberry buttercreme cake layer for your cake creations, or an eye-catching Strawberry Swirl loaf cake, at Brill, we have a berrylicious solution for you.

For more information on the full lineup of Berry Harvest seasonal program, please contact your sales local representative!