TSSR Spotlight: Heather Vancil

TSSR Heather Vancil offers tips and trends for the upcoming Valentine's Holiday

Valentine’s Day is almost here! We recently sat down with Heather Vancil, senior technical sales and service representative, to discuss some tips and trends for the upcoming holiday.

What decorating trends do you think will be big for Valentine’s Day this year?
The current trends are playing a big part in holiday designs. Textured buttercream, stripes, sprinkles, drip cakes, and ombre colors will be very popular this Valentine’s Day. Simple designs with added flare like sprinkles and drips can really make a cake pop. Also, I love the playfulness and fun of puns—our message cookies are a perfect way to display this trend!

What production tips do you tell decorators as they prepare for instore displays for Valentine’s Day?
My biggest production tip is to first be organized and then plan! Know what you will place on your displays, order appropriate products, and then, get to work! Assembly line production is key to a smooth and successful holiday. I always tell my decorators to repeatedly do the same step before moving on to the next – this will really save some time! For example, with cupcake production, it’s best to line up as much cupcake packaging that will fit on your workspace, fill with cupcakes, ice all cupcakes—and possibly add sprinkles every few packages as you go depending on how fast your buttercream dries—finish off with holiday rings, and lastly, close them all! Now you are ready to tag and put on the floor or keep for back stock. Speaking of back stock, another key is to fill the freezer—not the table. Be prepared by having back stock ready to go and replenish as needed; this will make restocking your tables in the morning a breeze!

What’s your favorite Brill Buttercreme combination to decorate with for Valentine’s Day?
I am really feeling muted, understated colors at the moment, so I love Decorating Pink or True Pink, Aruba Blue and Lavender. I also like to add Chocolate Light ‘n Fluffy to the mix.