Seasonal Sensations—Warm Up with Winter Treats!

Cool colors and festive flavors—add some magic to the season!

With one third of cake purchases and 50% of other sweet bakery purchases being unplanned, these categories are highly impulsive. In addition, the average shopper gets tired of a display after seeing it three times. Seasons give you the opportunity to increase the variety in your offering and as a result, increase consumer interest.

We want to make it simple for you to offer an assortment of products that over-index from September through November. We are showcasing this season’s top performing flavors—ranging from our moist carrot cake layers to our delectable Crown Cherry Filling—and our best decorating icing colors, like Brilliant Blue, Green and Pink. With the season’s most popular flavors and colors, you can create an optimal Winter bakery offering.

Check out Winter Seasonal Flavor Portfolio and warm up with the best of winter!

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